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Selleys Fix & Go Supa Glue

fix and go supa glue front

A fast setting supa glue that dries colourless and sets within 10 seconds.


  • Bonds a variety of surfaces
  • Quick setting – only takes 10 seconds
  • Dries clear
  • No mixing required
  • No clamping necessary
  • Heat resistant (up to 80°C maximum)
  • Non toxic when set
  • Water resistant
  • Application range: -55°C to +80°C

Available Sizes

  • 3mL Tube
  • 3 × 1ml Single Shot Tubes


  • Clear liquid dries to colourless film.

Available at

  • Woolworths
  • Coles
  • IGA

Contact the store to confirm stock availability, as some stores may have a limited range.

Where can this product be used?

  • Ideal for small repair jobs or when immediate results are required
  • Supa Glue will bond non-porous surfaces
  • Supa Glue is water resistant not water proof, so do not use in areas continually exposed to moisture as it will weaken the bond.
  • Supa Glue is generally not flexible and has low impact resistance. ie will probably shatter if dropped. For these applications use SELLEYS Power Grip
  • Supa Glue’s bond strength is excellent where surfaces to be bonded are a good close fit. Where gap filling is required use SELLEYS Power Grip.
  • Supa Glue is not recommended for use on paper.
  • Not suitable for bonding plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene or Teflon?.
  • Supa Glue will not permanently bond glass or materials containing alkaline elements.

What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Rubber
  • Some plastics*
  • Wood
  • Metals

Not recommended for use on polyethylene

How to use this product

  • The seal at the end of the metal tube should be pierced carefully with the reverse end of the cap. Ensure that the tube is not squeezed while the seal is being pierced. Replace plastic nozzle.
  • Surfaces to be bonded should fit exactly and should be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt and grease.
  • Apply a drop of Supa Glue to only one of the surfaces to be joined. Use sparingly. Do NOT spread. (Note: One drop covers an area 25mm x 25mm)KEEP FINGERS AWAY FROM EXCESS ADHESIVE SO THEY WILL NOT STICK TOGETHER.
  • Quickly align both surfaces and apply slight pressure to ensure effective spreading and bond.

Should you fail to align the surfaces correctly, do not attempt to re-align them and bond together again. Keep apart and completely clean the surfaces (with acetone or nail polish remover). When dry, re-apply adhesive, re-align and bond again. (Please Note: NOT ALL Nail Polish Removers are ACETONE.)

Although the adhesive will grab after several minutes to provide sufficient bond strength for practical use, maximum bond strength is achieved after 12 hours.

  • Wipe tip of tube and replace cap.

Handy tips

  • Once open, Supa Glue has a limited shelf life (i.e. up to 1 year provided the tip is wiped clean and the cap replaced securely after each use).
  • Supa Glue vapour can produce a whitening effect in enclosed spaces. To avoid this use in well ventilated areas. The whitening effect can be removed by wiping with acetone (first check that the acetone will not damage the surface).
  • To remove from materials, it is recommended that the material be soaked in a solution of acetone and water (i.e. 3 parts acetone to 1 part water).
  • Note: This method should only be used for substrates NOT adversely affected by exposure to solvents. Check a small area before use.
  • Storing in a refrigerator can reduce the risk of hardening in the tube.
  • Also leaving a pin stuck in the (cleaned) nozzle during storage can reduce the risk of the nozzle becoming clogged with cured adhesive which is difficult to clear.
  • One drop covers an area 25mm x 25mm
  • Supa glues cure more slowly when large amounts are used. For faster cure use sparingly.
  • Since Supa Glue cures with moisture set times may be extended on very dry surfaces or under dry conditions.
  • For cleaning surfaces prior to application of adhesive, if the surface is porous, we would recommend using SELLEYS Liquid Sugar Soap. If the surface is non-porous eg glass or metal, firstly clean the surface with mineral turpentine and then again with methylated spirits.
  • Keep a canister of SELLEYS Sugar Soap Wipes nearby for a quick and effective cleanup.

Safety tips

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes and avoid breathing its vapour.
  • Supa Glue bonds on contact. Should fingers stick together, apply a solvent such as acetone to contact areas, then wash skin with water.
  • Do NOT use solvents in contact with eyes or open wounds. In case of eye contact, immediately flush with water and seek medical attention.
  • When removing Supa Glue from the skin, it is recommended that the skin be soaked in warm to hot water to allow easy removal. It is not advisable to try to remove the cured adhesive by pulling and scraping the skin as this will only serve to damage the skin.
  • If poisoning occurs, seek medical attention.
  • Cured material is considered to be non-hazardous.
  • For further information refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which can be found at this site.

Storage and re-use

  • Ensure cap is replaced and store in a cool dry place.
  • Do not squeeze tube before removing cap. Handle tube by plastic nozzle neck when opening and closing cap. This prevents pressurizing tube which may force material into cap, preventing a tight seal after use.
  • For best performance from this product after opening, store in the refrigerator or in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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