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Answer: Hi Blue Unfortunately we do not have any sealants that will adhere to this poly plastic. you could Try using All Clear which is a unique solvent ba...
Category: Sealants
Answered: 03:56AM, 06 Dec 2017
Answer: Hi Frazer You can use our Silicone 401 to form this gasket. Once Silicone 401 is fully cured (Allow 7 full days) give it a good rinse and it will b...
Category: Sealants
Answered: 05:25AM, 10 Oct 2017
Answer: Hi Graham Our High performance Adhesive/Sealant, Armour Flex can be used for this application. For your application the Grey or White are best. Ar...
Category: Adhesives
Tags: caravan, cladding
Answered: 05:01AM, 10 Oct 2017
Answer: Hi Scott, From your description it sounds like the mark may have actually damaged the paint surface. This can be caused by acid in the skin. You ca...
Category: Car Care
Answered: 02:11AM, 10 Oct 2017
Answer: Hi Andrew Our products are not really designed for repointing brickwork. The Exterior Powder Filler may do the job initially but could shrink or fa...
Category: Flexible Fillers
Answered: 11:25PM, 04 Oct 2017