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john venn
Answer: Hi John We recommend Liquid Nails Mirror Metal Glass for this.
Answered: 12:35AM, 26 Jun 2017
Answer: Hi Susan Selleys do not have any suitable product for this repair.
Category: Adhesives
Answered: 02:11AM, 07 Jun 2017
Answer: Hi Bob Selleys Seal Fix is perfect for this. Seal Fix is a high temperature silicone adhesive/sealant in a handy 75gr tube suitable for repairing o...
Category: Adhesives
Answered: 02:10AM, 07 Jun 2017
Answer: Hi Roger Selleys do make a quick setting Aquadhere, Aquadhere Quick Set which has been on the market for quite some years now. Aquadhere Quick Set ...
Category: Adhesives
Answered: 11:41PM, 06 Jun 2017
Answer: Hi Milt There are a few glues that will be perfectly fine for this job. Any of the below listed glues can be safely used for gluing polystyrene to ...
Answered: 11:01PM, 06 Jun 2017