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Answer: Hi Mike Thank you for contacting us, One of our high performance sealants such as Armour Flex or Solar Flex will be ideal for this. Armour Flex is ...
Answered: 01:16AM, 24 Feb 2017
Answer: Hi Brian Araldite Super Strength Epoxy is our best recommendation for this application. Araldite provides a strong durable bond to most materials a...
Category: Adhesives
Answered: 12:20AM, 22 Feb 2017
Answer: Hi There, There is no way to dilute or thin out Porcelain Fix, however I find have a little bit of acetone on a soft cloth often works well to smoo...
Category: Adhesives
Answered: 04:20AM, 17 Feb 2017
Answer: Hi Jan, For this task you will find that our Liquid Nails Fast Grab will work particularly well. The difficulty may be in holding the head in place...
Category: Adhesives
Answered: 04:10AM, 17 Feb 2017
Answer: Hi Tom, We have the perfect product for this task called Seal Fix. it is designed with Oven seals and Oven glass specifically in mind and will be p...
Category: Adhesives
Answered: 04:06AM, 17 Feb 2017