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Do you have a product that can clean off a hand print from a car. Not sure what was on the hand.

Won't clean or wax off. When wet it disappears (rain, car wash), but when the car is dry it is very visible.

Submitted: 12:20AM, 06 Oct 2017

Hi Scott,

From your description it sounds like the mark may have actually damaged the paint surface. This can be caused by acid in the skin.
You can try using Turtle Wax MAX Power car wash at a high concentration. This is a high pH car wash and should neutralize any acidic deposits on the surface.Following this apply Turtle Wax “Speed Compound” to polish out ant slight damage to the paint surface.
To help protect the surfaces after cleaning you can apply a protective wax finish.

You should be able to purchase these products at your local Supercheap Auto store.

Category: Car Care
Answered: 02:11AM, 10 Oct 2017