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Do you have a sealant suitable for making a gasket that will be in contact with cold beer while packaging it?

I see you have a few deemed to be safe for 'incidental food contact'. How incidental is incidental? I need to make a gasket that will be fully submerged in beer, but not for very long. It is for a bottle filling machine, so the beer goes in and out pretty fast. It is also between 0 and 20 degrees celsius.

Submitted: 03:36AM, 10 Oct 2017

Hi Frazer

You can use our Silicone 401 to form this gasket.

Once Silicone 401 is fully cured (Allow 7 full days) give it a good rinse and it will be fine for your application.

This sealant can withstand temperatures ranging from -60 up to +270 degC

Category: Sealants
Answered: 05:25AM, 10 Oct 2017