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Fishpond_medium A large PVC fishpond hob with 25mm PVC piping passing through the walls. What product will seal/bind to PVC?

Clear Silicone will not bind to the hob which is heavy duty black plastic type product. We are losing too much water through leakage. Difficult if not impossible to use threaded flanges with seals because of access and curved surface...On the attached picture you will see the LH pipe has silicone lifting and the RH one it has gone all together..........Thanks for any help

Submitted: 02:27AM, 06 Dec 2017

Hi Blue

Unfortunately we do not have any sealants that will adhere to this poly plastic.

you could Try using All Clear which is a unique solvent based sealant and may adhere to some extent to the poly plastic but we cannot guarantee it will not peel away.

Category: Sealants
Answered: 03:56AM, 06 Dec 2017