Car Care

Car Care

Car care is all about achieving maximum results with minimal product and water wastage. Regular car care and maintenance provides important protection from the harsh Australian climate, and the Selleys range of waxes and polishes will keep your car in sparkling condition.

Water restrictions mean the days of washing your car with a bucket of household detergent and the garden hose is a thing of the past, which is great news for your car! For superior results, we recommend washing with a Selleys Polyglaze product once a week.

Exterior washing

Before you get started on your car wash, remember to park your car in a shady location, checking to make sure the surface is cool before you apply any cleaning products.

Polyglaze Sparkling Wash is gentle on your car while providing a streak free finish. Sparkling

Wash provides lasting protection by removing harmful elements such as rust and animal droppings that may damage or corrode your car surface.

Polyglaze Waterless Wash is designed to cut down your water consumption without compromising on results. This non abrasive cleanser comes in a handy spray bottle, and is safe for use on all car surfaces. Simply spray on, wait 20 seconds, and then wipe off with a damp cloth for a streak and spot free finish. It’s a real time saver, and ideal for use in between full washes.

A long road trip or bad weather can result in a tougher cleaning job, but there’s no need to work up a sweat. Polyglaze Extreme Wash is specially formulated to cut through built up dirt, grime and debris, getting your car back on the road in no time.

Wax on Wax Off

Time-poor but still want the satisfying results achieved from a proper wax job? Choose Polyglaze Wash & Wax to achieve a streak free finish with noticeable shine in one easy application.

For head turning shine, you can’t go past Polyglaze Diamond Finish Polish’s sparkling reflective shine. The polish provides full protection from extreme weather conditions, dust and UV rays.

To restore your car’s polish to show room condition, apply Polyglaze Glide on Glaze – Gen II to enhance the manufacturer’s clear coat with a crystal clear protective coating.


Car interiors have become more sophisticated, and even basic car models now feature stylish leather interiors. Polyglaze Leather Care is specially formulated to gently and effectively clean and condition leather car seats, and protect from harmful UV rays.

Dashboards and interior features can also be vulnerable to damage from sun and general wear and tear. To protect your interiors, Polyglaze Dash & Trim Care cleans and enhances the appearance of plastic, rubber and vinyl, plus is specially formulated with Sun Block technology to protect them from the harsh sun, helping keep them in top condition for longer.

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Polyglaze-Sparkling-Wash-1L Polyglaze covers all your wash needs with a range of washes from regular use & heavy duty to a waterless ‘no scratch formula’ wash.


Polyglaze Diamond Finish Polish gives a sparkling reflective shine that lasts, plus provides a protective barrier from weather, dust and UV rays, so your car looks fantastic.


Car-Dash-&-Trim-500mL-(HR) Polyglaze Dash & Trim Care cleans and enhances the appearance of plastic, rubber and vinyl, plus is specially formulated with Sun Block technology to protect them from the harsh sun, helping keep them in top condition for longer

Glass & Windscreen

Polyglaze-Glass-Cleaner-500mL Polyglaze Invisible Glass easily removes grimy imperfections, dirt, mist and oily film for perfect vision, which gives you the comfort of knowing you have the safest possible vision whilst driving.

Recommended Products

Tyre & Wheel Care

Foaming-Wheel-Cleaner Polyglaze Tyre Conditioner cleans and shines your tyres in one easy step, with no hard scrubbing.


P_SelleysEngineDegreaser Selleys Engine Degreaser quickly and easily dissolves grease and oil in two easy steps.

Recommended Products


P_SelleysAutofixKwikGrip Sometimes, especially when driving off-road, fuel tanks or radiators can be pierced and leak fuel. Knead It makes a perfect temporary repair to get you back on the road and back to civilisation.


P_SelleysWindscreenSealant A leaking windscreen can be a hazard, and also cause damage to your car interior. Selleys Autofix Silicone Windscreen Sealant is a neutral cure black silicone R.T.V. rubber for sealing leaking windscreens quickly and effectively.


RP7 Multipurpose Lubricant RP7 is a multi purpose lubricating spray that penetrates deeply to displace moisture leaving an oily, rust inhibiting film

Recommended Products