Polyglaze Wash & Wax


Polyglaze Wash & Wax gives a spotlessly streak free finish with a noticeable shine in one easy step for a great result you can be proud of


  • Cuts through dirt and road grime
  • Ultimate mirror shine
  • Protective layer of wax for noticeable shine
  • Gives a spotless streak free finish
  • Cleans windows for perfect vision
  • 50 Washes out of every bottle

Available Sizes

  • 1L

Available at

  • SuperCheap Auto
  • Auto Barn
  • Auto One
  • Big W
  • Coles
  • Metcash
  • Mitre10
  • Home Hardware
  • Thrifty Link

What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Suitable for all car finishes

Handy tips

  • Always wash car in the shade and only when the surface is cool.
  • If Wash & Wax gets on windows, wash off immediately and do not allow to dry as a wax residue may remain.
  • To remove a Wash & Wax build up wash vehicle again with hot water and a non-wax containing wash such as Sparkling Wash.
  • Do not apply neat to vehicle.
  • Rinse off immediately. Do not allow to dry on vehicle.

Safety tips

  • For sensitive skin, rubber gloves are recommended

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