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5 Handy Home Fixes

Renting or moved into an old(ish) home? Chances are, you’re going to run into something that either leaks, drips or needs fixing. We’ve rounded up the top 5 issues around the home and how you can fix them.


#1. Seal your shower

Using a sharp blade, remove existing sealant and clean area with mineral turpentine, ensuring all traces of silicone has been removed. Allow to dry completely. To help protect adjacent surfaces, run painter’s tape along glass or tiled wall, ensuring join is still well exposed.

Cut Selleys Wet Area* cartridge tip, position in caulking gun, attach nozzle and snip at 45-degree angle.

Starting from top of screen, apply silicone evenly to join, ensuring silicone is applied deeply to join.

Clean uneven areas with a spatula dipped in soapy water. Remove tape from surfaces and wipe areas with a cloth dampened with mineral turps. Allow 72hrs to set.

*Use Selleys Wet Area Speed Seal for shower use 1 hour after application

#2. Drip proof your tap

If your tap is dripping, then it’s likely the washer or O-ring need replacing. Fortunately, you can DIY!*

Turn off the mains supply (you don’t want water going everywhere!), turn tap to fully open and allow any water to run out. Remove lock nut or button that holds handle, remove handle and plate cover. Using a wrench, loosen and unwind tap body or spindle.

Carefully pull out spindle and remove existing washer. Fully unwind the spindle until O-ring appears, replace O-ring and wind back up.

Replace washer and reinstall spindle, tightening with wrench. Reassemble tap, turn on the mains and gently open.
*Not suitable for mixer taps

#3. Mind the window gap

Brr, it’s cold in here! Gaps between window frames and walls can let in unwanted draughts, so it’s best to seal them up quick smart.

Clean area, ensuring it is free of dust, debris, grease or paint. Cut Selleys No More Gaps Multi Purpose cartridge tip, place in caulking gun, attach nozzle and snip at 45-degree angle.

To help protect adjacent surfaces and ensure a clean finish, run painter’s tape along wall and window, ensuring gap is still well exposed.

Starting from top, apply filler into the area, ensuring it is applied deeply into the gap, before smoothing with a wet finger or spatula.

Clean area with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

To seal around exterior frames, use Selleys No More Gaps Exterior and Weatherboard

#4 Quick cover up

There’s always one, isn’t there? A loose tile in the bathroom, en-suite or patio. To fix this, carefully remove old adhesive on floor and back of tile with mallet and chisel, then brush clean to remove debris and dust.

Apply beads of Selleys Armourflex to back of tile, press tile against clean surface and hold in position.

#5 Face off

Are you constantly ‘hand thumping’ the dowel joints on your wardrobe face, every time they come apart? Save yourself the hand-ache with this easy fix. Remove clothes and drawer.

Remove drawer face from side(s), using a rubber mallet if necessary. Apply a bead of Selleys Aquadhere Interior into holes and around each dowel.

Drive dowels into holes and allow to cure for 24 hours before replacing.