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Top 5 Sugar Soap Hacks

Sugarsoap is one of the unsung heroes of your DIY toolkit, and for good reason! Not only is it great for lifting dirt and grime off your walls, there are a multitude of other uses for it aswell. Here we identify 5 of the top sugar soap hacks you may not have known.

#1 The Toilet Bowl

Selleys Sugar Soap is perfect for cleaning the toilet bowl! Its powerful formula cuts through limescale to leave your toilet bowl white and sparkly!

#2 Outdoor Furniture

Selleys Sugar Soap is great for removing stubborn stains from outdoor furniture. So if you’re worried about that horrible BBQ sauce stain, give Sugar Soap a try. But be sure to test it on a small patch first!

#3 Cleaning kitchen benchtops

Cut through the grease, grime and fingerprints with Sugar Soap! Either dilute in in a spray bottle with water or just grab the easy to use Sugar Soap wipes.

#4 Cleaning hard floors

Once you’ve finished with the benchtops, move straight to the floors! This versatile product does wonders for your hardwood floors. The water will start to turn black as you use it – a great sign its lifting the dirt from your floors. Be sure to change the water at this point and continue cleaning!

#5 Keeping your white sneakers white

Keep your white sneakers white with Selleys Sugar Soap wipes. Keep a pack handy in your top drawer, glove box or even your handbag to clean up those annoying cuff marks!
Don’t forget patch test prior to using all over your shoes.