Outdoor Renovation

Outdoor Renovation

Our harsh climate and extremes in temperatures means that the exterior of your home can cop a beating and needs a bit of extra care and maintenance to keep it weatherproof and looking good.

In the garden, built landscaping structures such as masonry walls, rockeries and paving can become loose. If left, the wall or paving tiles can become dangerous, especially on stairs and footpaths. Repairing outdoor structures is easy but you need to use the right adhesive – make sure it’s designed to be flexible in outdoor conditions. We’ll show you the basics of making outdoor landscaping repairs – you’ll get the job done in no time.

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How To Repair The Seal On Acrylic Boat Windows


Have you noticed some tiles on the bottom of the pool coming off and in need of replacing, but you don’t want to drain the pool?

Repairing rockeries, masonry walls and pavers


If you have a loose paving stone, tile, or stone in a retaining wall it’s important to make minor repairs before they become bigger problems. It’s also important to secure landscaping surfaces to prevent accidents and injuries.