Roof Renovation

Emergency roofing repairs to prevent water damage in your home


Leaking roofs and gutters can be a real worry. It’s important to stop leaks quickly to prevent serious damage to your home. It’s also important to seal joins and gaps around the home to improve the thermal properties of your home and prevent high power bills.

Easy as

Leaking roofs, gutters and skylights

To effectively deal with leaking a roof, gutter or skylight you need a versatile product that will provide a secure bond without being obvious, such as Selleys All Clear. Selleys All Clear provides an unseen ally in sealing and securing surfaces around your home.

Selleys All Clear prevents water leaks around the home by providing a water-tight barrier. This high-grade multipurpose co-polymer sealant is quick and easy to apply, giving a clear and unobtrusive finish. Selleys All Clear is well-suited to exterior applications, such as window frames and glazing around skylights, roofs and gutters or sealing metal or PVC downpipes, and air conditioners’ entries and can even be used to seal wet non-porous surfaces such as metal, so you can deal with that leak fast.

It bonds well to most surfaces around the home including metal, timber, glass, brick, stone and many plastics and, being completely clear, it blends easily – even around natural timber and shingles. Due to its formulation it will even adhere to old or weathered surfaces.

The advanced formulation of Selleys All Clear will ensure it does not crack or dry out when fully cured, providing a long-lasting water barrier that is mould and mildew resistant and Selleys All Clear can be painted over immediately using water-based paints. If you wish to use an oil-based paint, undercoat the surface first with a water-based paint.

Repairs to flashing

Around chimneys, skylights, exhaust fans and other roof penetrations flashings are used to keep the weather out, but sometimes the flashing starts to leak. Selleys Roof & Gutter Silicone Sealant is the recommended way to seal flashing to prevent these types of leaks.

Being a 100% silicone it also seals newer EDPM rubber flashings too.Simply gun the sealant between the flashing and the roof and push firmly into place. Tape or hold in place until firm enough to prevent lifting.

Missing and loose roof tiles

Over time, roof tiles can become affected by extreme weather conditions and may become loose or even fall off. Loose and missing roof tiles can lead to serious water damage and need to be repaired quickly. Just placing the replacement tiles does not ensure a weather proof seal.

Using a bead of Selleys No More Gaps Mortar Repair as a bedding sealant, will result in a weatherproof seal.

Selleys No More Gaps Mortar Repair has a cement-like texture and is available in a range of colours.