Tile Pointing Compound - Adhesive Mechanical Fastener

Point Works® Gen II


SELLEYS POINT WORKS GEN II is the first pointing compound to qualify as an Adhesive Mechanical Fastener for hip and ridge tiles in accordance with AS2050-2002 (amended 2005) which requires all ridge and hip tiles to be fastened. POINT WORKS GEN II passed the fatigue loading for both Cyclonic Conditions C3 and C4 after conditioning by prolonged water saturation as per Australian Standard AS 4046.8 – 2006. Once cured, POINT WORKS GEN II forms an incredibly strong and durable bond between the tiles and the ridge. The smooth non-slumping consistency makes it easy to mix and apply.


POINT WORKS GEN II is a tile pointing compound applied with a trowel and used to fasten (point) hip and ridge roof tiles. The smooth non-slumping consistency makes it easy to mix and apply.

Product Range; 10L pail

Product Code: 930069711798403

Colour: Neutral, PW001

Product Code: 930069711801103

Colour: Jet Black, PW007

Product Code: 930069711796003

Colour: Grey, PW005

Product Code: 930069711793903

Colour: Dark Grey, PW006

Product Code: 930069711794603

Colour: Burnt Orange, PW008

Product Code: 930069712341101

Colour: Fig, PW049

Product Code: 930069711789203

Colour: Terracotta, PW011

Product Code: 930069711800403

Colour: Crimson, PW004

Product Code: 930069711797703

Colour: Salsa, PW022

Product Code: 9300697117991

Colour: Cocoa, PW016

Product Code: 930069712466101

Colour: Mid Brown, PW055

Product Code: 930069711983401

Colour: Mahogany, PW037

Product Code: 930069711899803

Colour: Truffle, PW030

Product Code: 930069711901803

Colour: Outback Red, PW031

Product Code: 930069711904903

Colour: Walnut, PW043

Product Code: 930069711900103

Colour: Bone, PW035

Product Code: 930069711903203

Colour: Mid Grey, PW020

Product Code: 930069711905603

Colour: Savanna, PW044

Product Code: 930069711934603

Colour: Oatmeal, PW041

Product Code: 930069711918603

Colour: Jungle Green, PW038

Product Code: 930069711790803

Colour: Wild Rice, PW024

Product Code: 930069712468501

Colour: Sky Grey, PW057

Product Code: 930069711962901

Colour: Rainforest, PW045

Product Code: 930069712465401

Colour: Cloud, PW054

Product Code: 930069711936003

Colour: Desert Red, PW010

Product Code: 100074

Colour: Midnight Blue, PW59

Product Code: 930069712471501

Colour: Ruby Red, PW058

Product Code: 930069712469201

Colour: Blue Grey, PW019

Product Code: 930069712470801

Colour: Latte, PW025

Product Code: 930069712026701

Colour: Kava, PW048

Product Code: 9300697124722011

Colour: Sage, PW027

Product Code: 930069712439501

Colour: Charcoal, PW063

Product Code: 930069712467801

Colour: Olive, PW056


Product Code: 9300697118691

  • Size & Pack Type: 5L bottle
  • Spray Type: Accelerant Spray for cold & damp conditions

Product Code: 9300697118684

  • Size & Pack Type: 750mL bottle
  • Spray Type: Retardant Spray for hot & windy conditions, used inside the bucket against the walls to slow product cure rate

Technical Features

  • Passes fatigue loading conditions of Cyclonic Conditions (C3 & C4) as per Australian Standard AS 2050-2002
  • Tested inaccordance with 4046.8 – 2006
  • Ideal for new roofs and repairs
  • Flexes with normal roof movement without cracking or breaking away
  • Sag resistant
  • Smooth formula makes it easy to mix and apply
  • Apply with trowel
  • Water clean up

Application Tips

  • POINT WORKS GEN II should not be used when the surface temperature during application or curing is 10°C or lower
  • 2 hours of curing in good weather is sufficient for the product to withstand rain. Longer in cold and damp conditions.
  • Curing times can be reduced by the application of POINT WORKS GEN II ACCELERANT SPRAY to the wet material. Useful in cold and damp conditions.
  • Curing times can be increased by the application of POINT WORKS GEN II RETARDANT SPRAY to the wet material. Useful to extend reworking time in hot and windy conditions.