Can you recommend a glue for cracked polyurethane shoe sole

One of my expensive shoes has a crack across the sole 2' wide and full-thickness (about 6mm) under the ball of the foot (fortunately not to the edge - just in the middle). So far it looks like I should use a urethane glue to fix the crack. I don't want to just resole leaving the crack, and haven't had joy with shoe goo in the past - I noticed a Selleys Shoe Glue but the picture shows resole-ing - I'm wondering if that also is a urethane glue. So my question - for fixing a full-thickness crack in the sole - and I'm hoping I won't need to also stick on a new sole plate - what glue/bond would you suggest ?


31 May 2013, 02:14 AM

Unfortunately this type of repair is usually unsuccessful. This part of the sole flexes and twists more than anywhere else and the crack will continue to flex and pull and any adhesive will fail very quickly. The only way to repair this is to renew the sole.
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