I want to glue aluminum sheets to clad the wooden frame of a caravan. What product do you recommend.

I have attached a photo. I would like to seal the framing with paint or expoxy (Epidure sort of thing) prior to gluing on the aluminum. I also plan to insulate the caravan with polystyrene - pieces cut to fit between the framing - what adhesives would you recommend for this? It would be good if the adhesive allowed some positioning time before they set - in the past I have used some contact adhesives that bond instantly they touch and this was not ideal. I want to limit the chances of water getting into the framing so where there are holes through the aluminium (screws or joins) can you recommend a sealant. This includes for screw holes and around light fitting, hinges etc or cable entry points for solar pannels. My plan for the sides of the caravan is two sheets of Ultrasign Composite panel on each side and from the front up over the roof to the back overlapping sheets of 0.9 or 0.7 mm aluminium sheeting. I also plan to add so extrusion trim around edges etc. so there will be some aluminium to aluminium bonds to do also. In summary I want to glue aluminium to wood, aluminium to aluminium, polystyrene to wood and sealants for around joints screw holes light fittings etc.


10 September 2017, 12:46 PM

Our High performance Selleys Armour Flex can be used for this application. For your application the Grey or White are best. Armour Flex is a fast curing flexible industrial grade Adhesive and Sealant in one. It can be used to adhere the sheeting to the frames and also to seal any screw penetrations and joins

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