How To Kill Rats And Mice

Something smell off? Seen signs of gnawing? Heard scratching in the night? It’s not the neighbours, chances are you’ve got rats or mice.

Autumn is party season for rodents. As the temperature drops and food runs out, they’ll scurry to an inviting space indoors where there’s shelter and plenty of food.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
4 -7 days

Uninvited to begin with, rats and mice also won’t leave of their own accord – if anything, they just get more comfy, settling in and inviting more of their pack over to yours.

Worse still, they cause havoc along the way – chewing through electrical wires (potentially causing fires), gnawing on surfaces, skirting boards and books, creating holes in walls, as well as spreading nasty diseases and bringing other pests into your home such as fleas, ticks and lice.

How to use

  1. First up, check around the house, shed and garage for signs of a nest.
  2. Starve rodents of other food sources, such as open bins, compost heaps and easy-to-get at food in the pantry (store fruit and veg in the fridge and put anything else they can access in sealed containers).
  3. Remove water sources, such as dripping pipes or pet bowls, and block access to your house by filling small gaps around doors and temporarily sealing cat flaps.
  4. Cut the pellet tray to expose the bait and place it where children and pets can’t access it. Or, if using wax blocks, nail them into place.
  5. Only one feed is required to kill rodents within 14 days, though most will die within 4 to 7 days.


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