If you are looking to refresh your tired, stained walls or perhaps looking for the best way to clean the walls when moving out, Sugar Soap is your best friend

From those quick touch ups to the deep clean - there is a product to suit your needs.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
2 Hours

How To Guide

  1. Clean the area
  2. Cut Selleys No More Gaps seal and nozzle of  with secateurs and fit to cartridge. 
  3. Place cartridge into caulking gun.
  4. Position caulking gun at 45 degrees and apply even pressure to the trigger as you move it along the gap, applying the product.
  5. Use a damp finger (or rounded spatula) to wipe off the excess product to ensure a clean, smooth finish.
  6. Clean up with a damp cloth immediately.


Handy Tips

  • For a neater finish and easier clean up, you can tape both sides of the gap before applying the product. 
  • Allow to skin (about 20 minutes) before painting with water-based paints. Allow longer drying times (about 2 hours) when painting with flat or ceiling paints or in cooler conditions.


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