Aquadhere INTERIOR

A PVA adhesive specially formulated for interior wood-working repairs and projects. White in colour, it dries clear and cleans up easily with water. It is non-toxic so ideal for craft activities with children.

Suggested projects include

School projects and craft, interior furniture repairs & restoration, re-attach book cover/spine or repair torn bindings and secure dowels to interior furniture flat packs.  

Aquadhere QUICK SET

A non-toxic, quick setting PVA wood glue, which sets twice as fast compared to standard PVA’s# and requires no clamping##

Suggested projects include

Decorative projects, craft projects involving timber; fabric; cardboard; paper & most plastics*.

## No need for clamping where joints are not under stress and timber is not bowed, warped etc.

*Will not bond polyethylene or polypropylene plastics.

Aquadhere Durabond

A moisture curing, high strength, polyurethane construction adhesive. It has high strength and water resistance making it excellent for jobs requiring extra durability, both interior and exterior. Durabond is sandable, paintable and stainable. It is suitable for bonding wood to almost anything. A superior adhesive, it is also excellent for bonding materials other than wood.

Suggested projects include

Sauna or cabinet repairs in high heat areas, repairing or attaching cubby or dog house with a metal roof, planter boxes, steps leading off a veranda, timber letter box to metal support frame, timber joinery, repairing wooden handles on tools, repairing wooden boat oars or interior panels of a boat and most wood working projects which require a stain finish. 

Aquadhere Exterior

An industrial grade PVA, especially developed for use by professional wood-workers and craftsmen, for large projects. Weather resistant and heat resistant up to 110⁰C, so it’s ideal for outdoor projects. Stronger than Aquadhere Interior, it is sandable, paintable and will bond MDF. Off-white in colour, it dries to a light coloured clear film.

Suggested projects include

Cabinet and furniture making, timber letterbox, making a bookshelf, restoring furniture, repairing a door frame or window, repairing or building wooden outdoor furniture, Indoor furniture, dog kennel, timber joinery, chopping boards, wooden toys and table tops.

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