Selleys Liquid Nails Flexistik is a flexible, trowel grade polyurethane adhesive suitable for most types of solid, engineered strip and sheet timber flooring to concrete and timber.


  • Trowel grade adhesive
  • Easy to spread with a V-notched trowel
  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials
  • Low VOC to meet Green Building Council requirements
  • Flexible
  • Can be used from a sausage gun
  • Good wet grab and initial hold

Where can this product be used?

  • Direct stick bonding of Engineered overlay (Prefinished and Bamboo)
  • Bonding most types of wood flooring, parquet, strip (solid, engineered and prefinished) and sheet timber 

What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Concrete
  • Pre-existing strip flooring
  • Particle board
  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • HMR (HDF)
  • FC (Fibre Cement) sheets.


Please contact your store to confirm avaliability, as some stores may have a limited range.

Size 10L Pail
  600mL Sausage 
Colours Beige
Technology Polyurethane
Use Interior 

The following should only be used as a guide and the installer should apply all Australian Standards, BCA/NZBC requirements, and best practices when installing a timber floor with Liquid Nails FlexiStik.

  1. All surfaces should be clean, sound and level to 3mm in 3m. Out of level floors will increase the risk of hollow spots under strip timber overlay.
  2. Liquid Nails VBS Vapour Barrier is recommended over concrete before applying Liquid Nails Flexistik to prevent moisture migration and subsequent swelling of the timber overlay. Moisture content of the slab should be <5.5%, and moisture vapour transmission <15g/m2 per 24hr.
  3. Concrete surfaces should have a finish equivalent to that obtained when using a steel trowel.
  4. Grind concrete to remove high spots, surface contaminants and weak surface layers.
  5. Sand timber substrates to remove contaminants such as old glue or surface finishes and flatten any raised joints.
  6. Scoop or pour adhesive from the pail (or squeeze from sausage) to the application surface. Use the specified V-notched trowel to spread as much adhesive as you can cover in 20 minutes. It is important to achieve at least 85% adhesive coverage between overlay and sub-floor to avoid hollow spots and drumminess. For direct stick to concrete use a 6mm v-notch at 13mm centres; for parquetry and direct stick of strip overlay to structural sheet timber use a standard 3.2mm v-notch.
  7. This provides the optimal spacing and height for adhesive ridges for bridging any gaps between overlay and sub-floor and wetting onto the underside of the boards. Set strip overlay or parquet directly onto prepared adhesive with a minimum of sideways movement using adequate pressure to ensure adhesive contact on each individual board
  8. Fastening (or weighting) is recommended to secure timber during curing.

Refer to the Installation Guide for more detailed information.


  • Do not apply in greater thicknesses than that allowed by specified trowel (side movement and/or lifting may occur). 



  • Requires atmospheric moisture to cure.
  • Must not be applied below 5°C.
  • Selleys Technical Services should be consulted if any doubt exists in respect to floor contamination, or any concerns in relation to moisture.
  • Should a self-levelling compound be required, consult manufacturer in relation to drying times and appropriate priming to adhere the compound to the substrate.
  • To protect timber from concrete slab moisture use Liquid Nails VBS Vapour Barrier.


  • Spills and tools can be cleaned up with mineral turps before product cures. 



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Selleys Liquid Nails Flexistik is a flexible, trowel grade polyurethane adhesive suitable for most types of solid, engineered strip and sheet timber flooring to concrete and timber.

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