Super glue is great for small repairs. But while it is tough, it isn't the best adhesive for bonding load-bearing items or materials that are exposed to lots of stress. The Selleys range of Araldite epoxy adhesives were developed specifically to carry the weight of heavy-duty repairs.

These two-part epoxy resins require you to mix equal parts of the resin with the supplied hardener before applying it to both surfaces you want to bond. Selleys Araldite epoxies are durable and versatile; they can be used to bond glass, metal, china, and most plastics. Selleys Araldite Super Strength can hold up to 150kg and can even be used to fix Dynabolts and metal rods into concrete. Or just to repair you favourite Skis.

Like super glue, the initial bond happens quickly–within five minutes–making them perfect for repairs and crafts where clamping isn't possible. All these epoxy adhesives are clear and suitable for all interior repairs. For outdoor repairs, use Selleys Araldite 5 Minute, Araldite Super Strength, or Selleys Fix&Go Araldite 5 Minute.