Your vehicle's windscreen plays an important part in keeping you safe and comfortable. But sometimes it needs a little staying clean and helping to keeping water and drafts out. Polyglaze Invisible Glass will help ensure you always have a clear view, removing dirt, grime, and oily residue without streaks. Great for auto glass and mirrors, but safe to use on chrome surfaces and household appliances too.

Selleys D-Mastic and Selleys Autofix Windscreen Sealant are both designed for sealing windscreens, with D-Mastic ideal for cars, boats, trucks, and buses. It is oil-based, so can be painted once fully cured, and can also be used on metal lap joints in white goods, caravans, bus and truck bodies. Our Autofix Windscreen Sealant is a neutral cure black silicone that can also be used around rubber door seals.

Selleys Autofix Auto Silicone Sealant is more multipurpose and can be used to prevent nuts, bolts, and plats from vibrating, in addition to sealing doors and windows.