What would be the best adhesive for gluing Australian hardwoods, such as Merbau, Jarrah, Blue Gum etc?

I have been reading on the internet and some sites suggest the Yellow PVA glue and others suggest the Crosslinked PVa glue. The Aquadhere range doesn't seem to go into specifics ie which adhesive is crosslinked etc.


Aquadhere Exterior Wood Glue is a cross-linking PVA glue and will form a stronger bond than standard interior wood glue.

However, for tannin rich or oily timbers we recommend Polyurethane adhesive such as Aquadhere Durabond. The tannins and oils can cause a discolouring of the PVAs, this reaction will not occur with Durabond.

Durabond also has the benefit of being even stronger than the cross-linked PVA glue, but the bonds must be tightly clamped for up to 12 hours. In most instances, you will find the wood failing before the adhesive does.

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