Sealants might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to protecting your home, but they’re an essential part of keeping your property safe and secure. Good sealants protect against mould, water damage, and can even stop the spread of fire. And that’s not all. Properly sealed doors and windows reduce outside noise, regulate room temperature, reduce energy bills, and stop insects and pollen getting inside. Plus, keeping moisture away from doors and windows can prevent warping, extending their lifespan.

From multipurpose sealants that provide long-lasting protection around the home, to silicone that’s designed specifically for certain materials, there’s a Selleys sealant solution for every part of your home. Give your home the finish – and protection – it deserves.

Wet areas

Wet areas need a mould-resistant sealant that can be applied precisely, dries quickly and gives a high-end finish. Selleys interior sealants prevent mould and fungus-growth. Many of our products , Our White for Life range stops yellowing and stains, so your wet area will stay looking brand new. With the option of caulking guns or ready-to-use tubes that take no preparation, our sealants help any kitchen, bathroom or laundry stay watertight and mould-free.

Roof and gutter

Leaky gutters and roofs can cause long-term damage to both the interior and exterior of buildings.

Selleys Roof and Gutter sealants are 100% silicone, UV and weather resistant, and have a 25-year guarantee against crumbling, cracking and peeling away. There’s a fast cure option so your roof is rain ready in just one hour, so you can pipe and go, without needing a caulking gun. Our STORM sealant gives an instant waterproof seal, and can even be applied in the rain, so you can put a stop to leaks, straight away. Because we know that looks matter, Selleys sealants come in a range of Colorbond colours, so nobody will even know there’s been a repair.

UV and solar

Aussies are used to harsh weather, but our homes can often bear the brunt of strong sun, driving rain and wild storms. From products that offer superior protection against UV radiation such as Selleys SolarFlex and No More Gaps Exterior Weatherboard, to sealants that can be applied directly to wet surfaces – even in the rain - and solve leaks in seconds, such as our STORM sealant, we give you long-term peace of mind, instantly.

Special materials

Some materials need a bit of extra attention to make sure they’re properly looked after, which is why Selleys have special sealants for glass, fire-rated seals, and electrical insulating applications. Because each sealant is designed specially to do one specific job,

Pro series

Selleys Pro-Series sealants meet most sealing requirements of plumbing, roofing and building tradespeople. They include an acrylic fire and acoustic rated sealant for perimeter and penetration seals in fire rated construction, and have a high service temperature range from -40ºC to +150ºC, with excellent joint movement capability.

Seal today and protect the future of your home.