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Liquid Nails Exterior delivers strength and durability that you can trust on the job site and long after you leave.

Liquid Nails Exterior is a new generation construction adhesive specifically formulated to provide superior performance in Australia's tough conditions. Its solvent-free formulation has been developed to overcome the limitations of traditional construction adhesives.

  • Adheres 3 tonnes per m² on timber after 4 hours, at which point you can remove mechanical fasteners.
  • Superior water, heat, and UV resistance for a range of exterior applications.
  • Bond will not crack or go brittle over time.
  • Solvent-free and easy water clean-up.

General Purpose Construction Adhesives

Liquid Nails’ trusted strength and durability suitable for bonding various substrates.

Nail-Free Bonding Construction Adhesives

Provides strong initial grab or high speed of cure.

Project Specific Construction Adhesives

Formulated to deliver the ideal bond required in specific applications.

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