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You know you’re in Darwin when the customers ask you for a white sealant to plug up crocodile teeth. That's a first .....”

- At Ludmilla, NT 

Selleys Knead It Comes To The Rescue

Discover how Selleys Knead-It comes to the rescue in our latest Selleys Story! This versatile repair putty is perfect for fixing all sorts of household problems.

Selleys Araldite Helps Wilbur The Giant Tortoise

Discover how Selleys Araldite helped fix Wilbur, a giant tortoise's shell in this heartwarming story on Selleys Stories.

Selleys Knead It Saves The Day Victoria

Discover how Selleys Knead-It helped an adventurer repair a torn tailpipe in the Great Victoria Desert, and how the repair lasted more than 1500km.

Fixer upper!

Say goodbye to worn-out shoes with Selleys Shoe Fix! In our latest Selleys Story, discover how this innovative product saved a pair of beloved boots from the trash.

“I am.....a home handyman and hobbyist and I find I am constantly reaching for my Araldite.

I mainly use the ‘5 Minute’ is adaptable to so many uses; it sets quickly and then the adhesiveness is so efficient and reliable....

...I just wanted you to know of my total satisfaction with your very special product.”

- James