Our flexible and rigid fillers are great for filling in gaps, cracks, and holes on most surfaces. But when it comes to working with timber and glazing, a specialist putty would be what you need. Selleys Special Putty is an oil-based putty that is easy to apply by hand or using a putty knife. Perfect for fitting windows into wooden window and door frames, but versatile enough to use with joinery and some plumbing work too.

In contrast, Selleys Woodfilling putty works best at filling nail holes, cracks, and minor flaws in timber panels, frames, and other woodworking. Tinted to allow it to blend in with most types of timber, it can be painted over, but isn't suited for use with certain stains, oils, or clear varnish.

Both of our specialist putties are developed for use with timbers and should not be used on metal window frames.