Selleys Power Grip

Power Grip is a superior all-purpose glue that sticks and withstands virtually anything*. Powered by SIL-X technology for high versatility and durability, this glue will work in even the most extreme conditions*.

Where normal glues fail, Power Grip rises to the challenge to save the things that matter to you.

Why Power Grip?

Use Power Grip when you require a reliable permanent fix and when super glue just won’t do. It’s the ideal superior all-purpose glue to have on hand in your top drawer for life’s little mishaps. Especially for those items that hold sentimental value to you.

It could be your favourite pair of shoes, your “go-to” handbag, a treasured family toy that has been passed down for generations or even the mug your child gifted you. The list goes on. When you need a reliable glue to save the things that matter to you – use Power Grip


Power Grip is versatile

It sticks a variety of different surfaces together so it can work on many different fixes in and around the home. It is weather and waterproof, plus temperature resistant from -15°C up to 120°C, so it can be used for both interior and exterior applications*. 


Power Grip is shock resistant

It is flexible and resists impact, which means it lasts longer. The Power Grip bond is tough and rubbery whereas super glue is rigid and brittle. Because super glue is rigid and brittle the bond can easily break. Surfaces bonded with Power Grip can flex and bend so absorb shock. This makes it the ideal glue to fix items that endure impact in everyday life, such as shoes, handbags, belts and wooden toys. 


Power Grip is gap filling

It sticks uneven surfaces together, which means you don’t need a clean break to fix an item. Power Grip will fill small gaps to save an item whereas with super glue you need a clean break. You’ve broken the handle off your favourite mug – its irreplaceable because it has been lovingly decorated by your child and was gifted to you. In the process of breaking the mug, pieces of the ceramic are missing. Not to worry, use Power Grip to reattach the handle, the glue will fill the small gaps and you can continue using your mug just as before. 

Power Grip initial bond time is 3 minutes, therefore you have time to ensure you have positioned the fix correctly before the glue sets. For a successful fix please ensure that there is sufficient surface area and an overlap of surfaces at the point of your fix. The larger your surface area to fix and the more of an overlap you have, the stronger the bond will be.