A caulking gun is an essential tool to have for many do-it-yourself projects you might want to take on around your home. From applying adhesives smoothly and with precision, to sealing gaps, leaks, and construction joints. Although many Selleys products are available in different sizes, including large volume pails, caulking guns are ideal for jobs requiring a greater level of precision. Whether applying a small amount of adhesive around the edges of boards and tiles, or applying sealant to grooves, nooks, and corners.

For Smaller Jobs

Aside from being useful when you need to bond, seal, or fill small gaps, cartridges are also great for smaller jobs. A 5l or 10l pail might seem more economical, but only if you expect to use all the product in a short period. And pails are also not great when you're working on a ladder. Selleys Light Speed Caulking Gun is lightweight, offers easy cartridge attachment, and can be used with one hand. Use it whenever you don't need to apply a high volume of sealant, adhesive, or filler.

For Large Tasks

Selleys Sausage Gun is perfect for high-precision work on jobs that require a little more product than a cartridge offers. Holding almost twice as much product as a cartridge, sausages allow you to get more done before needing to be replaced.

And if you can't decide which one is best for you, get both. Some Selleys products, such as our sealants, are only available in smaller tubes and cartridges. And some of our adhesives, including our floor adhesives, are only available in pails and sausages. Regardless of the DIY work you're planning; you'll be sure to have the right caulking gun at hand.