When you're thinking of painting surfaces or hanging wallpaper, you need to do more than just find the right colour, pattern, or paint type. You also need to properly prepare the surfaces. Sometimes that only means using Selleys Original Sugar Soap to clean the surface.

But there are times when it means having to strip, clean, and then prime the surface first. More than what a Sugar Soap solution can do.

Removing Paint & Wallpaper

Selleys Kwik Strip Smart is safe for interior use but can also be used on exterior surfaces. Use it whenever you need to remove water and oil-based coatings, including varnish. Selleys Kwik Strip works quickly to remove water based PVA's and acrylics, enamels, lacquers, shellac, or varnish from most surfaces. A thicker consistency makes it ideally suited for vertical surfaces, but even though it is non-caustic, it is only meant for exterior use. And if it's some unsolicited artwork you need to clean off, Selleys Muck-Off Graffiti Remover works on interior and exterior surfaces.

With Selleys Wallpaper Peel/Stripper, you can achieve similar results when removing wall coverings, such as paper, vinyl, and foils. Some mixing is required, but like our paint strippers, it acts quickly once you've saturated the wall covering.

For Priming and Hanging

Once you've removed your old wall coverings, you can prep the wall before hanging your new wallpaper, vinyl, or foils. Selleys Wallpaper Size & Wall Primer will make it easier for the wall covering to adhere later using Selleys Wallpaper Paste. But it also makes it easier to work with the covering, so you have a little time to perfectly match any patterns. And the added fungicide helps prevent mould from growing between the wall and the paper.