Having your car cleaned by a professional service is a great time-saver. But Selleys range of car care products are always useful if you prefer doing it yourself or want to maintain some of the work between washes. More than just keeping your car sparkling clean and smelling fresh, they also help with taking care of small fixes in and outside your vehicle.

Getting Rid of Dirt

Give your car the ultimate mirror shine with Polyglaze Sparkling Wash, which does more than just clean. The addition of corrosion inhibitors helps protect against rust even in confined spaces. And for an extra layer of protection, Polyglaze Wash & Wax adds a protective layer of wax without extra effort.

Use Polyglaze Upholstery Cleaner and Selleys Water Shield to clean, freshen, and protect your vehicles interior with ease. And clean up spills and accumulated grease, grime, and oil with Selleys Engine Degrease or Selleys RP7 Heavy Duty Degreaser. Safe to use on most materials and surfaces, they're great for cleaning engines, machinery, and soiled tools.

For Glass and Windscreens

Polyglaze Invisible Glass makes light work of cleaning glass, windscreens, mirrors, and chrome surfaces. And the anti-fogging formulation will ensure you always have a clear view in cold or damp weather. And if you've noticed water or a draft around the edge of your windscreen, Selleys Autofix Sealants and D-MASTIC will help close any gaps.

For Basic Repairs

The rest of Selleys Autofix range include adhesive and sealants for taking care of basic repair work, whether it involves metals, plastics, or fabrics. And Selleys RP7 and Ezy Glide will help lubricate and loosen sticking and squeaking parts in your car, workshop, and around the house. All while protecting against dirt and corrosion.