Is Sugar Soap also a descaler?

Can I use this to descale my washing machine?


Selleys Original Sugar Soap is a professional strength and high performance formula that has been developed for cleaning walls and ceilings before painting and wallpapering. It is an alkaline salts based cleaner and may remove some scale build up however we do find that it leaves residue on hard surfaces such as glass or stainless steel.

Our recommendation would be to look at our alternate range – Hillmark.

Hillmark Scalex Plus descales and removes detergent residue, limescale deposits & calcium build-up from washing machines. It is available in individual sachets to ensure you have the exact amount you need to clean your washing machine.

We highly recommend that you check with your washing machine manufacturer prior to using Hillmark Scalex Plus to ensure the product can be used safely in your machine. Not all washing machines are created equal and better to be safe.

Handy Tip

If you are able to use Hillmark Scalex Plus in your washing machine, be sure to consider descaling and rejuvenating your washing machine every 3 months to keep it running at optimum performance and prolong its life.

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