How do I clean old kwik grip from my fibreglass boat floor? Anyting better than acetone?

I glued down the carpet in my boat with kwik grip about 18 years ago, now want to go back to bare fibreglass. Using acetone (the usual fibreglass cleaning solvent) and a wire brush & rag. It is working but very slow & tedious! Anything better than acetone?


01 January 2016, 03:12 AM

Kwik Grip is quite a tough product to remove once it has been applied, no matter what solvents you use it will always be hard tough work scraping it off bit by bit. There is a product called Glue Rid that will be quite effective on Kwik Grip, the only concern is the main solvent in it is Toluene, this may not work well on the fibreglass. Have a look in Bunnings as I believe they range it. The only way to readily remove Kwik Grip once cured is to scrape it away or via some other mechanical means.

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