When cleaning yellow stains from the ceiling in preparation for painting can I use Selleys Liquid Sugar Soap? And do I have to rinse off with clean water?


Selleys Original Sugar Soap is the best solution for cleaning before painting. It is not necessary to rinse off Selleys Original Sugar Soap if you are planning to repaint soon, but it is good practice to have a bucket of clean water and clean cloth or mop and wipe over the surface after cleaning to remove any residues. If you are cleaning the surfaces but not planning to repaint you should always rinse off. 

Some tips when painting:

  1. Add 1/2 cup of Liquid Sugar Soap to 5 litres of water. No need to rinse.
  2. Using a soft clean cloth like Selleys Super Cloth, soak in the sugar soap solution, ring off excess and start cleaning.
  3. Always start washing from the highest point to the lowest to avoid ‘running’.
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