Heavy streaking on windows after prepping house with Sugar Soap for repainting

Sugar Soap used to prep house and windows before painting in a 1 to 3 dilution Applied with soft hand brush and hosed off Some streaking was noticed but was left till the house painting completed Window cleaner cannot shift the streaking as it has etched into the glass and now a serious issue What to do? Have tried detergent and elbow grease and Methylated Spirits. What now please


08 November 2015, 11:24 AM

Sugar Soap is a salts based cleaner (sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium carbonate) and what has happened is when the solution has dried on the hard glass surface it has left a hard salts like deposit. (a bit like if salt water is left to dry in a saucer) The mixture you have used(3:1) was quite strong so would be very high in solids (cleaning salts)content. Our recommendation for most cleaning tasks is 40:1 (5 ltr water to half cup Sugar Soap ) The best way to remove the deposit from the glass is with a ceramic glass cooktop polish called 'Hillmark Cerapol which you should be able to purchase from Bunnings, Harvey Norman and Mitre10 You could also use a none scratching metal polish like Brasso or similar.

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