How do I remove streaking on windows after using Selleys Sugar Soap?

We used Selleys Sugar Soap to clean and prepare our house for painting with 1 to 3 dilution, this has come in contact with the windows and left marks. We have tried detergent & elbow grease and Methylated Spirits and none of these work


Selleys Sugar Soap is a salts based cleaner (sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium carbonate) and what has happened is when the solution has dried on the hard glass surface it has left a hard salts like deposit.

The mixture you have used (3:1) was quite strong so would be very high in solids (cleaning salts) content. Our recommendation for most cleaning tasks is 40:1 (5 ltr water to half cup Selleys Sugar Soap ) T

The best way to remove these marks is to use Hillmark Cerapol Ceramic Glass Cleaner which is specially formulated for cleaning and polishing glass. Apply and rub vigorously with a clean, soft cloth or paper towel, then wipe over with a soft cloth or paper towel. 

Another alternative is to use Selleys Complete Clean Glass & Mirror Spray to remove dirt, spots and fingerprints from the surface. Leaves a brilliant streak-free shine.

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