What sealer/filler is best for 3-6mm gap between weather board and door frame?

My grandson and I are building a 'wonky shed'. The weather boards are fitted and the door and window frames are in place. We have left a 3-6mm gap where the weatherboards meet the frames with a view to sealing this with some sort of sealer. This gap will be covered by a facia board in all cases but this facia board will sit proud of the weatherboard so the weather will easily penetrate behind the facia and thus the need to seal where the weatherboard meets the frames. The frames are unpainted H3.2 treated dressed pine and the weatherboards have been cut from Pineclad treated ply. The weatherboards have one coat of Cabots Aquadeck which in some areas will have penetrated around the edges of the weatherboard that is to be sealed. You will note from the photo that the gap may be less than 3mm but it is our intention to run a skilsaw down between so that there is at least a 3mm gap. Oops - sorry, the photo is on its side (the weatherboards run horizontally and the side of the frame shown runs vertically). Cheers...Colin


19 February 2016, 12:11 AM

Selleys SolarFlex will be ideal for this. SolarFlex is a Mineral turps clean up. If you want to use something that is water clean up then 'No More Gaps Exterior & Weatherboard' will also be fine for this job.
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