What can I use to replace silicone that has gone mouldy between a glass splashback and a caesarstone benchtop?

The silicone sealant between my glass splashback and benchtop has gone mouldy in the area directly behind my kitchen sink. It has been installed for around two years


It is important when treating mouldy silicone to ensure that all of the previous sealant is removed as a mould colony that is well established can even penetrate a new seal, even if the new product has mould inhibitors. The best way to remove old sealant is to cut the silicone with a sharp blade or silicone removing scraper. When the old sealant has been completely removed, it is important to treat the area with a mould killing product, Selleys 'Rapid Mould Killer':http://www.selleys.com.au/home-cleaning/mould-removal/rapid is ideal for this. Ensure the surfaces are fully dried after treating with the 'Rapid Mould Killer':http://www.selleys.com.au/home-cleaning/mould-removal/rapid Wiping the area with Mineral Turps will help to clean any residual cleaner, greases or grime. Then, apply a new sealant to help prevent future mould growth by using a premium product such as 'Wet Area Speed Seal':http://www.selleys.com.au/sealants/silicone/speedseal. Wet Area Speed Seal is a neutral curing product and will be ideal on the glass splashback and stone benchtop.

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