Silicone putty recipe. Need 100% clear silicone caulk that smells vinegary when curing, not GE silicone? Help?

I want to make silicone putty for mould making & the recipe I found has cornstarch & silicone as the main ingredients. The suggested silicone is 100% clear silicone caulk that smells vinegary when curing. Specifies not to use 'GE'or new types of silicone. Can you please suggest products that I could try? Thanks


Silicones which have a vinegar smell are usually called Acetic Curing Silicones. That is they release Acetic acid during the curing process. Our 'Glass Silicone Sealant': is an acetic silicone. We recommend that you test and ensure that it is suitabile for your particular apllication / purpose. If you wish to view a copy of our Safety Data Sheet please follow 'This link': and select 'Selleys Safety data Sheets' and enter the product or it's key words 'Glass sealant' into the search box.

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