Beginner Intermediate Advanced
2 hours

What You Need

  • Shelf
  • A spirit level
  • Soft marking pencil
  • Shelf bracket
  • Stud finder
  • Wall anchors
  • Drill
  • Screws

How To

Step 1: Use a soft pencil and spirit level to mark the space on the wall (top and sides) of where you want the shelf to go.

Step 2: Locate the drill hole centres for the wall anchor. If fixing to a hollow wall, screwing anchors directly to wall studs is the best way. Use your stud finder to locate two studs where the shelf can be mounted, and mark them with a soft pencil. If hanging to a solid brick or concrete wall, use masonry anchors.

Step 3: Drill holes in the wall for the anchors. Insert the anchors into the holes.

Step 4: Align your bracket with the anchor holes. Attach the bracket to the wall using screws or anchors.

Step 5: Slide shelf onto the bracket.


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