Storing your garden tools neatly can be tricky with their long awkward handles and no flat surfaces!

Here is a quick and simple DIY solution to get them off the floor and neatly stored against the wall - no power tools needed.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
5 Hours

What You Need


  • 3 x pine timber 89mm x 19mm x 1.8m
  • PVC pipe 50mm x 3m
  • Selleys Hold Up
  • Selleys Aquadhere
  • Sandpaper


  • Hand saw and mitre box
  • Spirit Level

How To

Measuring and Preparation:

  1. Plan your layout first by laying your garden tools on the ground. Try to get the tools evenly spaced with a little gap between them to ensure they will look neat and tidy.
  2. Place one of your pieces of timber across the middle of the tools and another piece across the bottom of the tools ensuring the 2 pieces of timber are lined up (you don't want the top and bottom timber pieces to end up offset from each other).
  3. With a pencil, mark where each tool is going to cross the timber.


Cutting the holders:

  1. Using your handsaw and mitre box, cut a 30 cm long piece of PVC pipe for each tool.
  2. Mark the middle of the pipe pieces (15 cm from either side) with a pencil.
  3. Again using your handsaw and mitre box, cut each piece of pipe in two halves on a 45 degree angle.


The Glue Up:

  1. To form the base of your organiser, glue 2 pieces of timber at right angles using Selleys Aquadhere Exterior. Clamp the pieces together and set aside for 12 hours while the glue dries.
  2. Grab your third piece of timber which will be the back of your rack. Apply long beads of Selleys Hold Up to the back of your PVC pipes and attach to this piece of timber, ensuring they are evenly spaced. Set aside to cure.
  3. Repeat the above step for the remaining PVC pipes by attaching them to the base timber piece, ensuring they line up with the PVC pipes on the back piece.


Fastening the tool racks to the wall

  1. Mark on the wall where you want the tool racks to go, use a spirit level to make sure they are not slanting.
  2. Apply Selleys Hold Up, in vertical beads, to the back of the tool rack and press it onto the wall.
  3. Allow 48 hours for the adhesive to achieve full strength before putting tools into the racks.



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