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Those annoying Mould Mysteries in your home can be a real puzzle. Your bathroom and laundry are usually the scene of the mystery, where mould problems may sneak in and take hold. Damp is the main culprit and in the cooler months unsuspecting mould problems can easily pop up requiring your attention.

Selleys Rapid Mould Killer can wipe out the most difficult mould, leaving your home sparkling clean and hygienic.

Investigating your Mould Mysteries: Answers to your mould questions

How can I help prevent mould in my laundry and bathroom?

If you’re looking to reduce the risk of mould, be mindful of ventilation in your wet areas. Try to keep windows open where possible, especially when using dryers or having a steaming shower.

Keeping surfaces, including walls and ceilings clean to prevent build-up of general dirt and dust and good ventilation can also reduce the chance of mould build-up.


How do I prevent mould growth in my shower?

Regular cleaning using Rapid Mould Killer is a great way to prevent soap, shampoo and mineral residues which can contribute to mould issues. Rapid Mould Killer is a powerful cleaner that will eradicate mould spores on surfaces, preventing spores from taking root.

Using a mould resistant sealant such as Wet Area or No Mould in your shower will also help. If you don’t want to miss out on your hot, steaming shower, consider installing an exhaust fan.


What is in Rapid Mould Killer’s active ingredient?

Sodium Hydrochlorite, a Chlorine and Oxygen based material which is super effective at killing, removing and cleaning sinister spores.


Can I use Rapid Mould Killer on my painted walls?

Yes.  However, check on an inconspicuous area first before using on a painted surface to ensure the paint doesn’t discolour, particularly if you have darker paint as the product can have a bleaching effect.


Can I use Rapid Mould Killer on cornices?

Yes. Check on an inconspicuous area first before using on any painted surface and wipe off the surface straight away.

Can I use Rapid Mould Killer on silicone without damaging it?

Yes, Rapid Mould Killer can be used on all silicone without damaging if rinsed off after 30 seconds of applying. Using Selleys No Mould in conjunction with Rapid Mould Killer will give longer lasting protection as No Mould contains mould inhibitors to help prevent mould growth in the future


Can I use Sugar Soap to clean the walls and ceilings in my bathroom and laundry?

Yes. Sugar Soap is ideal for cleaning walls and it also comes in a convenient wipe format for ease of use. Clean with a damp cloth to avoid streak and patchy marks, this process isn’t required if the surface going to be painted.


Can I use Sugar Soap to clean mould off walls and ceilings?

Whilst Sugar Soap is ideal for cleaning, it won’t eliminate mould spores. If you are looking to eliminate mould, then Rapid Mould Killer is the product for the job.


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