The kitchen might get cleaned regularly, but a proper spring clean means tackling areas you’ve been ignoring for months.

Here’s how to give your kitchen a true deep clean so you can start spring with a clean slate – and cupboards.

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1. Descale your appliances

If not cleaned regularly, coffee machines and kettles can form a build-up of calcium and limescale. Although you can’t see this from the outside, it can affect the quality and taste of the water, and also the longevity of the appliance. “The citric acid in Hillmark Expresso Kleen removes limescale deposits and calcium build-up quickly and efficiently,” says Adeyinka. “Just pop a sachet in the appliance with some hot water for 10 minutes, and you’ll have a clean, de-scaled kettle or coffee machine.

Although a spring clean is a great time to do this, ideally you should de-scale appliances every three months to prevent build-up getting too extreme.” While you’re at it, don’t forget your dishwasher. Hillmark Scalex Heavy Duty Home Descaler is formulated just for removing calcium, limescale and rust from dishwashers.


2. Properly clean your oven

If you’ve been putting off cleaning your oven properly since last time you spring cleaned, this year it might be a bit easier. “Selleys Oven Plus Heavy Duty Gel is a caustic-based product, formulated with a blend of surfactants and additives that rapidly dissolve grease and grime,” says Adeyinka. “Take the wire racks out of the oven, then apply a thin layer of the gel to the floors and walls of a warm oven, leave it for 30 minutes, then wipe clean with a cloth. If you have cook or bakeware that has baked on stains, it works on that too.”


3. De-smear stainless steel

Once you’ve cleaned inside your appliances, it’s time to address how they look on the outside. Fingerprints and grease on stainless steel can make it look drab and messy. Hillmark Steel Kleen wipes are an easy way to get rid of smears, spatters and waterspots. “When you clean stainless steel, go with the grain of the steel to prevent it looking scratched or smudged,” says Littlejohn. “With a wipe or cloth, work in small sections on any marks. If there’s any excess product left, remove with a soft cloth immediately. Your appliance will be smudge-free and look good as new.”


4. Vacuum drawers and cupboards

“Vacuuming inside cupboards and drawers is the easiest way to get rid of crumbs, dust or dirt,” says consultant at Platinum Housekeeping, Cathy Littlejohn. “Then, run a damp cloth inside shelves and the bottoms of drawers. You could use a few drops of essential oil on the cloth to keep the drawers smelling good. Then wipe down with a dry cloth so there’s no moisture left to damage timber.”


5. Steam your microwave

If your microwave is seriously overdue a proper clean, now’s the time to tackle it. “The easiest and most effective way to clean your microwave is by steaming it,” says Littlejohn. “Put two cups of water, two tablespoons of vinegar and half a lemon in a microwaveable bowl. Microwave it on high for five minutes, then leave the door closed and let it steam for a few minutes. Remove the bowl and turntable, then wipe down the inside of the microwave with a sponge. Wash the turntable in the sink. Use a dry cloth to finish cleaning.”


6. De-grease your rangehood

You might not be able to see the grime collecting in your oven rangehood or canopyhood filters, but if you haven’t cleaned it for a while, there will almost certainly be a build-up of grease. “This can prevent it working efficiently, and increase the noise of the exhaust,” explains Senior Development Chemist at Selleys, Eunice Adeyinka. “Hillmark Rangehood FilterKleen contains alkaline ingredients, which are particularly efficient at removing grease and grime particles. This helps protect both metal and non-metal surfaces, and improves their look and operating efficiency. Spray it on both sides of your filter and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Shake off water from filter and/or leave to dry before returning to rangehood. If there’s particularly heavy build-up of grease, soak the filter for 20 minutes in six parts hot water and one-part Rangehood before rinsing and drying. You’ll notice a huge difference in how effective the rangehood is afterwards - and it will look shiny again too!”


7. Wash the fridge

If you occasionally give the inside of your fridge a once-over, a kitchen spring clean means “cleaning every nook and cranny of your fridge – including the often-neglected crisper drawers,” says Littlejohn. Selleys Super Kleen is a multi-surface cleaner with a powerful anti-bacterial formula that leaves surface hygienically clean. “Don’t forget to take the shelves out and clean the dirt that’s collected where they’ve been sitting,” says Littlejohn. “Then give the doors a good wipe – remembering the top of the fridge that often gathers dust.”


8. Freshen the drains

Freshen drains and keep them free-flowing by mixing half a cup of baking soda with a quarter of a cup of table salt, suggests Littlejohn. “Pour the mixture down the drain, then pour down a cup of vinegar,” she says. “It will foam and bubble. Let it stand for 15 minutes - longer does not work any better. Then run the hot tap down the sink for at least 30 seconds.”


9. Start good habits

If you don’t have a regular cleaning regime for you ceramic or glass induction cooktop, now’s the time to start. “Hillmark Ceraseal Ceramic Glass and Induction Cooktop protection is a silicone based formula that creates a protective barrier on the cooktop,” explains Adeyinka. “It forms a transparent barrier which shields the glass from permanent damage. This makes it easier for future cleaning too.” For day to day cleaning ceramic cooktops, Hillmark Cerapol Ceramic Glass & Induction Cooktop Cleaning Wipes are an easy way to safely get rid of grease and food-spills, and don’t smudge or streak. “They have a textured side to give a deeper clean, then a smooth side for surface cleaning,” says Adeyinka. “You’ll look like you’ve spring cleaned your cooktop every day.”



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