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For construction jobs that require joining flat surfaces together, a contact adhesive is a great choice. These durable and versatile glues can be used on most materials, such as flooring, timber, rubber, plastic, glass and even bonding metals. These glues are semi-rigid when cured, can be heat and moisture-resistant and work well on flexible surfaces. The Selleys range of contact adhesives can be used for upholstery repairs, wall-paper or other large flat surfaces.

To bond glass or metal, try the Selleys Liquid Nails product for mirrors, metal and glass

Liquid Nails

When undertaking construction work or a repair task on your home, you might find that screws or nails are not appropriate. Liquid nails are a multipurpose adhesive that can be used to secure two materials together. These high-performance products can be UV, heat and moisture resistant and are sturdy enough to bond materials - without nails!

Selleys Liquid Nails is a premium product with reliable strength and a durable bond can be formed on most materials. We offer a range of products perfect to cope with the elements outdoors and thermal movements indoors.

Flooring Adhesive

Flooring adhesives are glues designed for wooden floors, parquetry, strip floors and sheet timber. These glues are formulated to be applied to concrete or plywood and can cure within hours. Selleys flooring adhesives are designed for interior use and are low volatile organic compound formulas, meaning they aren’t harmful to you, your family or the environment.

PVA and Woodworking Glues

Wood adhesives are specifically formulated to bond to natural and engineered timbers. The Selleys Aquadhere Durabond is a type of adhesive that can bond all woods and timber whilst being resistant to chemicals and the weather, making it perfect to glue together glass, tiles, concrete and metals.

For those looking for a PVA type glue perfect for crafts, the Selleys range of PVA glues are water-based and perfect for flexible materials, mosaics and cardboard. Most PVA and other woodworking clues are easily cleaned, dry clear and cure quickly.

For information on how to use different adhesives, check out our how-to guides.



Wet Area Silicone

Keep your wet areas mould-free with Selleys Wet Area Silicone, a superior waterproof and mould resistant seal that will not shrink, crack or peel away.

Silicone Remover

Remove old sealant quickly and easily with Selleys Silicone Remover. This powerful formula breaks down old sealant, making it easy to remove and to prepare surfaces.

Sugar Soap Original

Selleys Original Sugar Soap is perfect for cleaning walls and surfaces in your home. Keep your home looking fresh and new with our high-quality, effective cleaner.

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