Adhesives PVA Timber

If you’re a construction connoisseur or just a crafting enthusiast, PVA glue is probably something you’ve come across before. Polyvinyl Acetate glues are one of the most common glues across the board, providing a quick solution to getting two items glued together with a powerful bond.

Found as wood glues, craft glue or white glue, PVA glue is often more of a catch-all category name. There are many different types of PVA glues ranging in strength and material type. Standard PVA glues can be found in most homes, used to bind paper or cardboard. Stronger PVA glues are often used in woodworking or carpentry as they are designed to absorb and bond with the porous materials.

PVA glues are a fantastic adhesive on materials and surfaces that are particularly permeable and porous, such as timber and wood materials and leather. These glues will dry with a stronger bond and durability as the glue has absorbed into the product.

These glues are often water-soluble, making them great for crafts or cleaning up if a mess has been made. Being water-soluble means that if the product needs diluting or to be added in thin layers (think - papier mâché) it can. However, this makes the product not necessarily moisture or water resistant.

When dry, PVA glues are semi-rigid and provide flexibility and movement, such as on joinery, cabinets and craft projects. Many PVA based glues are suitable for interior woodworking due to their ability to be sanded and painted over.

Looking for a strong PVA glue?

Whatever task you are looking to complete, choosing a high-quality PVA glue will ensure your project is successful and sturdy. Selleys Aquadhere Interior and Exterior range are suitable for woodworking and produce bonds stronger than most PVA glues on the market. For a reliable and resilient craft glue, try the Selleys Fix&Go PVA.


Aquadhere Exterior

Get a weatherproof adhesive for your outdoor woodworking projects with Selleys Aquadhere Exterior. Perfect for decks, fences, and more.

Aquadhere Durabond

Get a durable adhesive for your woodworking projects with Selleys Aquadhere Durabond. Perfect for furniture, joinery, and more.

Aquadhere Quick Set

Get a fast-acting adhesive for your woodworking projects with Selleys Aquadhere Quickset. Perfect for small repairs and projects.

Aquadhere Interior

Get an interior adhesive for your woodworking projects with Selleys Aquadhere Interior. Perfect for furniture, cabinets, and more.

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