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Adhesives and glues can be used for a range of construction projects, arts and crafts and other DIY fixes around the house, but it can also be used for unique tasks, like a broken shoe! As most shoes are made of softer materials, some glues and adhesives may not hold bonds correctly.

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Selleys Shoe Fix superglues are designed to bond with leather, fabric, canvas, rubber and other footwear materials to create super strong and durable adhesion. Many shoe materials such as leather are porous and flexible, therefore you will need a strong and flexible glue to bond the fabrics. The Selleys Shoe Repair range will ensure that even with bonding leather products, your shoe will remain secure and weather proof.

Shoe glue is the perfect option to bring your favourite pair of shoes back to life. We’ve all got that one pair of boots that has a bit of a loose sole, or a pair of sneakers that has a loose shoelace ring! Rather than throwing the shoes away or outsourcing to a repairs shop, there is a fantastic and simple solution right here at Selleys. With the right shoe glue, you can seal up a hole or tear in seconds.

High-quality products like the Selleys Shoe Fix and Selleys Fix & Go Shoe Repair range formulate bonds that are durable, seal up gaps and tears and last the distance. They are also designed to be flexible and impact-resistant.

Fixing Tears

Tears and rips to your shoes are easy to fix with Selleys. As with all of our products, to get the best results be sure to clean and dry the materials before the repair. Removing any debris or grease from the shoes will allow the adhesive to form a stronger bond and last longer. Our super glue range is designed to dry quickly and cure fast, but for a stronger and more secure stick, leave the repaired shoe to fully dry.



Shoe Fix

Make your shoes last longer with Selleys Shoe Fix. This specialist adhesive is perfect for repairing and reinforcing soles, heels, and leather, and it sets in just 24 hours.

Fix & Go Shoe Repair

Extend the life of your favourite shoes with Selleys Fix and Go Shoe Repair. This specialist adhesive is perfect for repairing and reinforcing soles, heels, and leather.

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