Sealing your splashback is the final step to installing a splashback and perhaps the most important!

If water falls behind, it can create mould, rot and can trap dirt. It's super easy to prevent this is using a Selleys silicone sealant. Check out the tips below.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
3 Days

What You Need

Easy as..

  1. Remove the old silicone using a sharp knife and then scrape away residual silicone.
  2. Clean and dry the surface with Mineral Turpentine.
  3. Tape both sides of the gap before you begin sealing to ensure a neat finish
  4. Cut the tip of the Selleys Wet Area Silicone cartridge and then cut the nozzle at a 45 degree angle.
  5. Place the cartridge in the caulking gun and fit the nozzle.
  6. With a steady hand, hold the gun at a 45 degree angle and carefully gun the sealant out.
  7. Smooth the sealant with a spatula dipped in detergent
  8. Remove the tape before the seal skins.
  9. Allow to dry for 72 hours.

Handy Tips

  • Clean up excess sealant before it skins with a cloth dampened in mineral turpentine.
  • The sealant will cure fully in 72 hours and you can carefully trim any excess then with a sharp blade.


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