Try your hand at making this basic DIY planter using minimum materials and the Selleys Fix & Go Araldite 5 minute, a fast setting and durable adhesive.

This is a great project no matter your DIY skill level.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
3 hours

What You Need

How To

1. Cut Your Timber
  • First up cut your pieces to size either using a mitre or hand saw.
  • You’ll need 8 pieces the same size for the top and bottom frame then 4 pieces approximately 5 cm longer than your pot for the sides of your stand.
  • The frame should be wide enough for the pot to fit through but the lip of the planter to sit on the edge.

2. Glue your timber together

  • Snapping out the reusable cap and nip off the end of the Selleys Fix&Go Araldite 5 minute syringe with secateurs.
  • Squeeze equal portions of the adhesive and mix it thoroughly
  • Apply the adhesive to both surfaces that you are going to join together so that you have 2 squares. Clamp and let set for 5 minutes. If you see any excess adhesive you can wipe it off using some acetone or nail polish remover to clean it up.

HANDY TIP: The tip is to mix the epoxy in small portions as it sets within 5 minutes. You don’t want the adhesive setting before you’ve had the chance to use it!

3. Assemble the planter

  • Pop your sides onto the base and then lay the top of the frame on top. Using the Selleys Fix&Go Araldite 5 minute epoxy, apply to both sides of your longer pieces to join the two squares. Clamp and let dry for at least 16 hours to achieve maximum bond strength.

HANDY TIP: Wipe off the end of the syringe and pop the reusable cap onto the end to ensure the product will store well, to be used for another project.

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