Finding storage solutions for the kids can be challenging.

Check out this cool hanging rack idea perfect for their school bags and jackets .

It not only looks beautiful but its super simple to make!

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
2 hours

What You Need

How To

Step 1: Measure out your timber to the desired length of your shelf. Mark this out with your pencil

Step 2: Cut both pieces of timber to length using your saw. 

Step 3: Cut the dowel into short lengths for the hanging knobs.

Step 4: Measure and mark out the position of the hanging knobs along the timber.

Step 5: Using a 25mm spade drill bit, drill out the position of the timber dowel knobs.

Step 6: Lightly sand the timber then screw both pieces of timber together at right angles.

Step 7: Using Selleys Araldite 5min, fix the dowel knobs into the pre-drilled holes.

Step 8: Allow to dry completely before hanging it up 

Top TIP: Make sure you mix equal portions of the glue to ensure maximum bond strength.


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