How To Prevent Draughts In Your Home

Draughts around the house are one of the major reasons why many rooms can feel cold and uncomfortable.

Sealing gaps in window frames around your home, can make a huge difference. Not only does this increase comfort, but it is also a cost-effective way to cut down on energy costs.

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2 hours

What You Need


How To Guide

  1. Check for air leaks
    Light a match or candle near any windows or doors where there may be potential air leaks. If the flame dances around, it means there is air flowing through the area. The movement of the flame should intensify - or the flame will blow out - as you move closer to the source of the leak.
  2. Clean area to be sealed
    To ensure proper adhesion of the filler, remove any old caulk and paint before you start filling. Make sure the area is free from dust, grease and loose/flaking paint, by giving it a wipe.
  3. Prep the caulking gun
    Cut the seal at the top of the No More Gaps cartridge using a knife or secateurs, at a 45° angle with an opening that is approximately the size of the hole being filled. Fit the nozzle to the top of the cartridge and insert it into the caulking gun by pushing the base of the canister into the gun.
  4. Caulk the leak
    Apply steady pressure to the caulking gun trigger to force the gap filler into the area that causes the leak. Move the nozzle along the joint in one smooth action. At the end of each section wipe excess product away with a finger, spoon or spatula dipped in a 50/50 mix of water and detergent.
  5. Finish
    Clean off any excess sealant with a damp cloth immediately. Allow the filler at least 30 minutes to cure if you are planning to paint over it.

Handy Tips

  • For a neater finish and easier clean up, you can tape both sides of the gap before applying the product. 
  • Use a putty knife or paint stripper such as Selleys Kwik Strip to remove old paint.
  • For the best results, apply the gap filler to the frames on the inside and the outside of the house.
  • For gaps greater than 2cm use an expanding foam such as Selleys No More Big Gaps.


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