Wall shelves are a great way to decorate your bedroom.Not only can you reduce the clutter, you’ll also be giving your walls a new look with this simple but stylish piece of DIY décor.If you’re not constructing heavy duty shelves, for weighty items, your choice of wood can be led by look and feel.Common materials for bedroom shelves include pine and plywood.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
2 hours

What You Need

  • Shelf
  • A spirit level
  • Soft marking pencil
  • Shelf bracket
  • Stud finder
  • Wall anchors
  • Drill
  • Screws

How To

Step 1: Use a soft pencil and spirit level to mark the space on the wall (top and sides) of where you want the shelf to go.

Step 2: Locate the drill hole centres for the wall anchor. If fixing to a hollow wall, screwing anchors directly to wall studs is the best way. Use your stud finder to locate two studs where the shelf can be mounted, and mark them with a soft pencil. If hanging to a solid brick or concrete wall, use masonry anchors.

Step 3: Drill holes in the wall for the anchors. Insert the anchors into the holes.

Step 4: Align your bracket with the anchor holes. Attach the bracket to the wall using screws or anchors.

Step 5: Slide shelf onto the bracket.


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