Turn a dated coffee table that’s ready to become rubbish, into a focal point for the room.

What you need


Step 1: Mix ½ cup of Selleys® Sugar Soap into ½ bucket (5 litres) of water. Use a soft clean cloth to clean the table from top to bottom with the sugar soap solution.

Step 2: Fill any holes or nicks in the table with Selleys® Plastic Wood®. Make sure the wood is clean and dry. Stir the can thoroughly, then apply to the table with a putty knife. Slightly overfill deep holes to allow for sanding. Allow to dry before sanding, staining or painting.

Step 3: Sand the table down and clean again with Selleys® Sugar Soap to remove the dust. When the surface is dry, attach the vinyl on the top of the table with Selleys® Kwik Grip® Horizontal. Apply it to the table and the vinyl, spreading evenly. Keep surfaces apart until adhesive is almost dry – approximately 20 minutes. Then press surfaces firmly together. Secure bond by running a roller over the bonded surfaces.

Step 4: Now paint the table legs using Feast Watson® Stain & Varnish. You don’t need to varnish the surfaces where the vinyl is.

Step 5: Decorate your table with coffee table books and enjoy!


Selleys® Sugar Soap

A professional strength and high-performance formula which powers through tough grease and grime.

Selleys® Plastic Wood®

A fast acting solvent based wood filling cement. It is suitable for use in repairing all types of woodwork in interior conditions.

Selleys® Kwik Grip® Horizontal

A heat resistant, solvent-based, flexible contact adhesive for broad close fitting surfaces. It forms an instant bond on contact of two surfaces.

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