A lazy susan is one of the unsung heroes of the kitchen.

Pop in it a corner cupboard to hold those condiments or get creative and complete this project using a decorative board, perfect for entertaining.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
5 Hours

What You Need


  • 75mm Lazy Susan Bearing Plate (90kg capacity)
  • A base (a tea pot stand will do the trick)
  • Selleys Araldite 5 min epoxy
  • A tray (alternatively a wooden chopping board or large coaster)
  • Paint- water-based varnish or self-adhesive vinyl

How To

  1. First up- prepare your tray (if required) by sanding and sealed with some water- based varnish or paint if you wish
  2. Once dry, turn over and mark the centre of your tray as well as the top of the base 
  3. Snap out the reusable cap from the Selleys Araldite 5 min syringe and dispense equal parts of both liquids into a small disposable container and mix them together thoroughly with a paddle pop stick
  4. Mix in small portions, as the epoxy sets quickly (normally within 5 minutes)
  5. Pop reusable cap from plunger back onto nozzle for storage
  6. Apply the adhesive to the bottom of the bearing plate and secure to the base.
  7. Then apply the adhesive to the top of the bearing plate and place the board on top.
  8. Hold joins in place using tape or weights and allow to dry for min. 16 hours



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